• Michael Scanlon

Kindness Pays

One of the most important lessons to learn in life is that kindness more often than not begets positive outcomes. If you do good unto others, eventually good will come to you. Now, certainly life throws us curve-balls occasionally but, over time if we do the right thing, we will see returns in our own life.

For the first blog post on my site, I want to tell the story of an Airbnb host I was lucky to have during my travels. In future posts I will tell my own stories, but this story was gifted to me from a nice man who let me stay in his house during one of my many trips for photo-shoots. For the sake of anonymity, we will call him Ravi.

My first night when I was given the keys and a tour of the house, Ravi engaged me in some great conversation about his weight loss journey from 300 pounds to 146, about general life in Los Angeles, his work in the stock market, and other topics I found fascinating. However, it was his last story that I think teaches an important lesson. This story is short and sweet, but relays a message with which we can all connect.

Ravi used to live in New York. It was here he worked in finance on wall street. He made good money but was always happy to help others. Not having a car, he would either walk or take public transport, as most do in Manhattan. Coming home from work though, his trip was short, from Wall Street to Chelsea, and thus he would always walk it. A few months after moving there, he began coming across a guy who was forced to work outside all day in the cold. This was back in the winter of 2011 into 2012. Ravi felt bad for the worker and tried to offer him some money, but the worker told him no. He said that if Ravi wanted to help, he could go inside and just buy $5 worth of the product so that way the worker got commission and seemed like he was doing a good job.

Thus, this became a habit for Ravi. Everyday he would walk to the store where this man worked and walk inside and buy $5-10 worth of product. Eventually though, Ravi changed jobs and moved across the country.

A few years later, in 2017, Ravi got a letter in the mail pertaining to the purchases he had been making. What was Ravi buying almost everyday?... Bitcoin...At an average price of $5 per coin.

Ravi sold his bitcoin and bought an apartment in Manhattan outright that he rents, paid off all of his student loans, bought a house in Los Angeles that he rents, and still lives a simple life. Ravi could have walked by the man working at the place selling bitcoin, but out of the kindness of his heart, he essentially donated $5-10 per day. This time though, his donation turned into a few hundred thousand dollars and changed his life.

One simple act of kindness made all the difference. Ravi's story is unique, but we can all learn to do the right thing from his actions and I hope you will go out there and do something to help someone today, much like Ravi did seven years ago.

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